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We are very excited to contact you about an amazing artist we are promoting and representing - Stevie Nixon!


Stevie Nixon, wearing a stage name that perfectly captures her essence, is a tribute artist who fully embodies the iconic vocals and performance stylings of the Queen of Rock and Roll, Stevie Nicks. One of the most respected and revered rock performers to ever touch a microphone, Stevie Nicks has a legendary voice and presence that is unique, powerful and difficult to emulate. Our Stevie, fully becomes Stevie Nicks on stage brilliantly capturing her iconic vocals, identifiable outfits and each graceful Gypsy spin. Very few performers worldwide are capable of taking on the unique likeness of this true rock and roll icon like our Stevie Nixon can. 


Stevie Nixon offers a fully developed and honored tribute of Stevie Nicks across her entire career, including Fleetwood Mac and her solo career until present time. This realistic presentation includes her full live performances, her recognizable outfits, and most importantly her distinguished vocals. Stevie Nicks vocals dramatically change over her career, and only our Stevie can wonderfully and masterfully emulate all of these vocals from every decade. Vocal matching software and people of all ages have been fooled to think live recordings of Stevie Nixon are from the original superstar! 


Stevie Nixon has over two decades of professional singing and performance experience under her belt, mainly touring in the Midwest and now branching out to big events and festivals nationally. An EPK is available upon request.


Stevie Nixon’s show, branded “Edge of 17 - The Stevie Nicks Experience”, is available in 30-90 minute performances and can be customized in the following formats:


  • solo using professional tracks

  • two-piece acoustic with live guitarist

  • two-piece acoustic/electric with professional tracks

  • three-piece acoustic guitar/drums

  • full band


Stevie Nixon, is the ultimate Stevie Nicks tribute artist, and we are pleased to offer her as a headliner for your private event, festival or professional custom show.


We very much look forward to your booking inquiry.




Michael Cagle

Stevie Nixon - Edge of 17

Manager / Booking Agent

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